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Essential Oil Travel Kit

While there are a multitude of items that you could consider adding to an essential oil travel kit, below are a few items to help get you started.

  • Essential Oils:
    • Peppermint (cooling, indigestion, motion sickness)
    • Lavender (sunburn, calming, insect repellant, the "all-purpose" oil)
    • Lemon (disinfecting, purifying, uplifting)
    • Citronella or Lemongrass (bug repellant)
    • Eucalyptus (cooling, good for respiratory problems)
    • Thieves or a similar anti-microbial oil or blend (for disinfecting surfaces or the air)
  • Carrier Oil (a vegetable or nut oil for diluting essential oils, or for making massage oils)
  • Wipes (use commercially available or make your own natural essential oil wipes for disinfecting surfaces, cleaning messes, or to cool and refresh the skin)
  • Tissues, Inhalers, or Pendants(for carrying different scents of oils with you to inhale)
  • Small Spray Bottles (containing water mixed with essential oils for disinfecting, air freshening, or insect repellants)
  • Small carrying cases

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Essential Oils Travel Kit
Essential Oils Travel Kit

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