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Candida Albicans Tear Pad
3745—"Candida Albicans" Tear Pad (50 Count)
Our Price: $9.95


The "quite epidemic" of candida infection now affects about 80% of Americans. This handout explains what candida is, what causes candida overgrowth, how to tell if you have it, and what to do about it.

'Essential Oils & Fighting Super Germs' Brochure (
4007—"Essential Oils & Fighting Super Germs" Brochure (25 Count)
Our Price: $8.95


This brochure is a great way to introduce the powerful health benefits of essential oils!
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'Toxin Awareness' Brochure
4008—"Toxin Awareness" Brochure (25-Pack)
Our Price: $8.95


Help others learn about some potentially dangerous ingredients found in many cosmetic products and how you can protect yourself from them.
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Essential Gut & Hormone Wellness: Finding Balance Naturally by Teri A. Ringham
8850—Essential Gut & Hormone Wellness: Finding Balance Naturally, by Teri A. Ringham
Our Price: $18.99


Chemicals in our food and personal care products can disrupt hormone signals and damage the delicate lining of the intestinal tract. You will learn important lifestyle changes to get you back on track to healing and feeling well again. Plus, an appendix of the author’s favorite natural supplements and essential oils will help keep you there.

A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients
8953—A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, by Ruth Winter, MS
Our Price: $17.95

This book describes hundreds of ingredients found in skin and hair products, including FD&C colors, essential oils, and more! Learn what's good and what's bad for topical use on your body.
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Book: Electromagnetic Pollution
9052—Electromagnetic Pollution, by Sabina M. DeVita, RN, EdD
Our Price: $8.50


Learn about the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds you and how it can affect your life. Then learn how to protect yourself against it.
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SPANISH "Living Balanced: Healthy Mind & Body Refe
9059SPANISH—SPANISH Living Balanced: Healthy Mind & Body Reference Guide, by Stacey A. Kimbrell
Our Price: $20.00

In this book, Stacey A. Kimbrell explains the importance of living well and being aware of those things surrounding us, like chemical toxins, that could be harmful to our mind and body.