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Brochure: Toxic Mold vs Essential Oils
4011—"Toxic Mold vs. Essential Oils" Brochure (25-Pack)
Our Price: 8.95


Discover how a blend of essential oils may be the key to eliminating toxic mold from our homes and offices with this brochure written by Edward R. Close, Ph.D.
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Brochure: The Ultimate Antiseptics
4025a—"The Ultimate Antiseptics" Brochure
Our Price: 1.50


These amazing booklets quickly and powerfully show the amazing antiseptic power of different essential oils.
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DVD: Toxic Mold
8611DVD—"Toxic Mold: A Breakthrough Discovery" DVD by Edward R. Close, Ph.D., PE
Our Price: 24.95

Learn how one expert in the environmental industry discovered how a unique blend of non-toxic essential oils could effectively kill toxic mold and stop it from coming back.
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Nature's Mold Rx
8976—Nature's Mold Rx: the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold, by Edward R. Close, PhD and Jacquelyn Close, RA
Our Price: 22.95

In this book, Edward, Ph.D., and Jacquelyn Close, RA, outline their discovery that a non-toxic essential oil blend is able to easily and effectively eliminate toxic mold from the environment!
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