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Book: Let There Be Light
9045—Let There Be Light, by Darius Dinshah, S-C N, 12th Edition
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This book explains the Spectro-Chrome therapy system, which involves exposing problem areas of the body to different wavelengths of colored light. It includes an extensive list of conditions with associated color values and instructions on how to apply the color.
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Essential Wellness: Essential Oil Coloring Therapy Book
9868 - Essential Wellness: Essential Oil Coloring Therapy Book
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Coloring therapy has been studied for its ability to help relax the mind and relieve stress. This coloring book contains essential oil-inspired illustrations that you can color and doodle on as you inhale your favorite relaxing oil or blend. Each page highlights a different essential oil and their common uses. It also includes a few essential oil blend recipes you can diffuse while you color!
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