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Horses Guide Sheet Tear Pad
4083.v2—"Equine Essential Oil Strategies" Tear Pad (50 Count)
Our Price: $9.95


This full-color handout contains information about essential oils for common horse ailments on one side and testimonials and a recipe on the other.

Training CD 05:  Animals & Essential Oils
8105CD—Training CD 5: Natural Animal Care with Essential Oils, 2000
Our Price: $2.00


Lecture by D. Gary Young, ND, at the Natural Care Animal Education Forum and Expo, explaining how essential oils can improve the health of animals.

DVD: Essential Tips for Happy Healthy Pets
8606DVD—DVD: Essential Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets, by Destyne Erickson
Our Price: $14.95


This delightful DVD is packed with testimonials and demonstrations about using essential oils on horses, dogs, and cats. Covers common problems from ticks to tummy aches to strokes.

Live With Your Pet in Mind, by Dr. Jodie
8814—Live With Your Pet in Mind, by Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA
Our Price: $14.95


What you say, what you think, what you feed, the vet care that you choose, the home you provide, and even your self-care has an impact on your pet! This book discusses the mind-body connection that controls your pet's emotional and physical well-being and then live with your pet in mind.

First Aid with Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy, by Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM. CVC, CVA
8817—First Aid with Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy, by Nancy Brandt, DVM, CVC, CVA
Our Price: $19.95

First aid is what you do before and on your way to the veterinarian... My mission here is to keep pets safe and vital. To keep them around so we can enhance each others' lives.

Chemical Free Pets: Raising Our Standards, by Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM, CVC, CVA
8818—Chemical-Free Pets: Raising Our Standards, by Nancy Brandt, DVM, CVC, CVA
Our Price: $24.99

A wholistic life is investigating the whole aspect of impact on our biological systems. This book educates you, the guardian; on the many areas chemicals impact your pet's health. It then gives fabulous alternatives that decrease the toxic load or burden our pets are forced to carry.

'Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends'
8912—Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends: Using Essential Oils and Supplements, by Sara Kenney
Our Price: $19.95


This highly useful book is compiled from personal experiences of the author and her friends, who have successfully used Young Living essential oils to treat various ailments in dogs, cats, and horses.
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"Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals" by Kristen Lei
9074—Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell
Our Price: $16.50


This book fills a growing need for effective aromatherapy information and treatments that improve and maintain animal health, as well as prevent common ailments in dogs, cats, and other animals.
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