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Reference Guide for Essential Oils iPhone/iPad Application, Version 1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the app through the Abundant Health website?
No, you must purchase it through the App Store. See the icon on your device. Price is $6.99.
What version of iOS do I need to run the app?
The app supports iOS versions 6.1 and higher.
Will the app run on an iPod Touch?
Yes, if it has iOS version 6.1 or higher installed.
Does the app collect personal information from me?
No. The app does not collect, store, or transmit any personal information.
Does the app contain everything that is in the Reference Guide for Essential Oils book?
No, the app is intended as a condensed quick-reference companion to the book. It includes the most common conditions listed in the book, as well as primary and secondary recommendations for essential oils. It also includes the most common application methods. It does not include scientific research data, non-health-related uses of essential oil, information about a specific company's product line, etc.
Where can I get more information about the app?
Visit for more information.
Where can I submit feedback or request further information?
Send email to