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Babies & Children Guide Sheet Tear Pad
3712—"Essential Oils for Babies and Children" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)
Our Price: $9.95


Each sheet discusses essential oils for common baby conditions on the front side, with information for older children on the reverse.
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Brochure: Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbi
4036—"Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Childbirth" Brochure (25-Pack)
Our Price: $8.95


Learn how several therapeutic grade essential oils can safely be used during pregnancy and childbirth in this brochure written by Debra Raybern.
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Essential Match Up for Single Oils Card Game (41 Cards)
4239—"Essential Match Up: Single Oils" Card Game (41 Cards)
Our Price: $9.95


This educational card game can help people of all ages learn to match each of 20 single oils to a major health benefit. Whether by standard rules or suggested alternatives, "Essential Match Up" is a fun and easy way to share learning about oils with your friends and family!

"The Essential Family" Booklet
8833.v2 - "The Essential Family" Booklet
Our Price: $5.75


Updated! If you're looking for quick-and-easy ways to incorporate essential oils into daily life, "The Essential Family" is a practical and economical resource! Divided into sections for kids, women, and men, most recipes take 5 minutes or fewer to make. Includes preprinted, moisture-resistant labels for containers for each recipe. Includes over 55 recipes.

Smelly Faces Sniff the Earth by Sarah Bodnar
8846—Smelly Faces Sniff the Earth by Sarah Bodnar
Our Price: $12.00

This children’s board book tells a tale of “Smelly Faces” on a journey to retrieve Grandma’s lost sock.Along the way, they encounter some wonderful scents in nature that are among essential oil favorites. A fun and engaging way to introduce even the youngest children to the joy of essential oils!

Book: Gentle Babies
8922—Gentle Babies, by Debra Raybern
Our Price: $12.95


Discover how therapeutic-grade essential oils can safely be used during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few months of a child's life with this insightful guide!
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"Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby" by
9033—Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby by Allison England
Our Price: $14.95

Fragrant, gentle essential oils are ideally suited to the special needs of women during pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood. This edition provides the reader with expert advice on using essential oils in massage, baths, compresses, lotions, and inhalations.
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"Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child" by Valerie An
9073—Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Worwood
Our Price: $17.95

Valerie Ann Worwood offers an array of scientifically proven remedies, along with complete charts of essential oils and instructions for aromatherapeutic massage.
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Book: Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective?
9079—Vaccines : Are They Really Safe and Effective? by Neil Z. Miller
Our Price: $12.45

This source of vaccine information is for parents not convinced that a child should be forced to be vaccinated. It evaluates mandatory vaccines for safety and effectiveness. The decision to vaccinate your children deserves some thought. Make it an informed decision.
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The Chemical Free Home 3
9099—The Chemical Free Home 3 by Melissa M. Poepping, CNHP
Our Price: $5.00


In The Chemical Free Home 3, Melissa M. Poepping, CNHP discusses how easy it is to start living green and embracing the chemical free home lifestyle with the birth of a baby. Includes over 30 recipes.
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