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October Monthly Specials
(Special prices expire on October 31, 2014, at midnight.)

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New! Glasstic Water Bottle
This glass water bottle is a great way to take your essential oils internally with water! Just fill the bottle with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and drink whenever you need! This bottle features a cap that lifts open easily and can also lock shut (9840).

Regular Price: $19.95 ea.
Special Price: $17.96 ea.

New! Abundant Health™ Branded Oil Shot Glass
This versatile shot glass can be handy for so many purposes! You can do allergy shots with lavender, lemon, and peppermint when your allergies start acting up. You can fill it with your daily vitamins and supplements to take the next morning. It can also make it fun for kids to drink their omega-3 fish oil or other liquid supplement (AH48).

Regular Price: $1.00 ea.
Special Price: $0.90 ea.

"Quantum Physics, Essential Oils & The Mind-Body Connection: How Essential Oils Really Work" Booklet by Dr. David Stewart
Recent experimentation has found that light from the same source can be recorded either as waves or as particles, and how it is recorded is dependent only on the expectations of the person performing the experiment. In this provocative booklet, Dr. David Stewart proposes that essential oils also possess a similar ability—a potential to act on the user in a manner limited only by the user's expectations and thoughts (4037a).

Regular Price: $1.17 ea.
Special Price: $1.05 ea.

New! Everything Homemade: Natural Recipes Made with Essential Oils by Roanne Buden
This handy book provides dozens of natural recipes using essential oils for a variety of things! This book is organized by topic, so the recipes are easy to find (9055).

Regular Price: $15.00 ea.
Special Price: $13.50 ea.

Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils: Powerful Cleansing Protocols for Increased Energy and More Radiant Health by Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC, & Dr. David Deardeuff, DC
Discover a seasonal approach to cleansing the body using essential oils and other supplements in this easy-to-understand book. Learn from the Deardeuffs' personal experience how this unique approach to cleansing has helped relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue, lupus, infertility, hormone imbalance, diabetes, and other modern health conditions (8968).

Regular Pricing: 1-9: $15.95 ea., 10+: $14.95 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-9: $14.36 ea., 10+: $13.46 ea.

Young Living Branded Aroma Ready® Roll-on Clutch (Holds up to 12 roll-on bottles)
Keep your 1/3 ounce and 1/6 ounce roll-on bottles safe and organized! This terrific case has the Young Living logo printed on the outside. It holds up to 12 bottles in secure elastic straps. Each clutch case has a removable wrist strip as well as multiple pockets for your brochures, business cards, pass-along cards, etc. (YL9507).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $17.95 ea., 6-19: $16.33 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $16.16 ea., 6-19: $14.70 ea.

Binder Chart of Young Living Single Oils
This highly useful double-sized cross-reference poster is folded and hole-punched to fit in a standard 3-ring binder, so you can take it anywhere! Color-coded to indicate dilution recommendations, it covers 57 Young Living essential oils and how to use them with 70 different health conditions. This is a great general quick reference tool for beginners and professionals alike (1213).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $6.95 ea., 6-19: $6.26 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $6.26 ea., 6-19: $5.63 ea.

Deodorant Container
This container is perfect for solid deodorants, fragrance bars, solid insect repellents, massage sticks, and other essential oil creations (9204).

Regular Pricing: 1-49: $1.02 ea., 50-99: $0.92 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-49: $0.92 ea., 50-99: $0.83 ea.

Young Living Sample Cards Assortment Pack (Pkg. of 52 Cards)
These beautiful cards are perfect for giving with small samples of Young Living essential oils and blends. Each full-color card features a beautiful picture, information about the blend, and ways it can be used. The back of each card also features a space where you can add your personal contact information so potential clients can contact you to learn more about essential oils (3000SET).

Regular Price: $6.50/set
Special Price: $5.85/set