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November Monthly Specials
(Special prices expire on November 30, 2014, at midnight.)

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New! Aroma-Ball Bracelet with Aroma-Balls
These lovely bracelets are a great and fashionable way to diffuse your essential oils wherever you go! Each bracelet has a decorative hinged metal cage that holds two aroma-balls. Simply apply one or two drops of essential oil to absorb into the aroma-balls, and place two in the locket (8714).

Regular Price: $25.00 ea.
Special Price: $22.50 ea.

New! Small Aroma-Ball Necklace and Colored Aroma-Balls
These lovely necklaces are a great way to diffuse your favorite
essential oil all day! The decorative hinged metal cage will hold two aroma-balls. Simply apply one or two drops of essential oil to absorb into the aroma-ball, and place it in the locket. Each necklace comes with a varied assortment of aroma-ball colors (8712).

Regular Price: $25.00 ea.
Special Price: $22.50 ea.

New! 101 Quick and Easy BlenderBottle Recipes
Are you looking for ways to use your BlenderBottle™? Here are 101 ways that the BlenderBottle can make your life easier! Not only is the BlenderBottle invaluable for mixing the tastiest lump-free drinks like protein shakes and on-the-go smoothies with ease, but the BlenderBottle can also mix so much more (9075).

Regular Price: $12.99 ea.
Special Price: $11.69 ea.

New! 22 oz. ProStak™ BlenderBottle®
These fantastic bottles make blending smooth drinks and shakes a snap! The power to blend has never been more in your hands! With no batteries or power cords, you will never have to worry about missing breakfast due to a power outage. Each bottle features the patented high-grade surgical stainless steel Blender Ball™ that works like a wire whisk inside the bottle to efficiently mix and blend shakes, baby formula, eggs, and much more! The ProStak™ also offers 2 Twist n' Lock jars that you can attach to the bottom of your BlenderBottle or carry with you

Regular Price: $13.99 ea.
Special Price: $12.59 ea.

New! Every Body Organic Shower and Bath Gel Base
This organic shower and bath gel base is just the cleanser you have been searching for; it's gentle and customizable to your own preference! This special mix of ingredients creates a wash that is gentle and non-dying (2231).

Regular Price: $17.95 ea.
Special Price: $16.16 ea.

Whispi™ Personal Pump Diffuser (Set of 3)
This finger pump diffuser is so simple to use and creates a good burst of the essential oil's aroma just for you! Simply add your oil to the scent cell inside, and pump to diffuse. Equipped with a keychain or lanyard hole, it is easy to have available to use when you most need it (9307).

Regular Price: $14.95 ea.
Special Price: $13.46 ea.

2 oz. Purple Plastic Bottle with Black Misting Spray Top
This useful plastic spray bottle comes in a gorgeous shade of purple to protect your oil-based creations from damaging UV light. The fine-mist spray is great for perfumes, spritzers, and other light mixtures. Not recommended for thick mixtures (9235B).

Regular Pricing: 1-49: 0.80 ea., 50-99: $0.72 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-49: $0.72 ea., 50-99: $0.65 ea.

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart
This exciting book by David Stewart is an essential addition to the library of anyone serious about understanding how
essential oils work! This captivating book not only explains the chemistry behind the oils in simple, everyday English but also discusses the spiritual properties of essential oils to help explain how these oils can help bring healing to both the body and soul (9044).

Regular Pricing: 1-5 $49.95 ea., 6-19: $44.96 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $44.96 ea., 6-19: $40.46 ea.

Natural Health Care for Your Four-Legged Friends by Sara Kenney
This highly useful book is compiled from personal experiences of the author and her friends, who have successfully used Young Living essential oils to treat various ailments in dogs, cats, and horses (8912).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: 19.95 ea., 6-19: $17.96 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $17.96 ea., 6-19: $16.16 ea.

Ultrasonic Car Diffuser
This sleek diffuser is wonderful for dispersing your desired essential oil or blend throughout your car! The ultrasonic transducer transforms essential oil into a cool mist. This diffuser can be used in your car's accessory outlet and features 2 timer settings so you can more fully control the output and timing of your diffuser

Regular Price: $29.99 ea.
Special Price: $26.99 ea.