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February Monthly Specials
(Special prices expire on February 28, 2015, at midnight.)

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*Special pricing available only while supplies last.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
You Can Heal Your Life by internationally-renowned author and lecturer Louise L. Hay is a landmark bestseller that teaches how the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences. Nearly all the problems we face in life are ultimately due to our own inner feelings of not being good enough. Louise Hay teaches how to identify the real issues in our lives and how to make those changes that will heal us from within (8942).

Regular Price: $14.95 ea.
Special Price: $13.46 ea.

The World of Mirrors by Valerieann Skinner
Do you ever feel trapped in a box labeled "less than who you are"? This book provides you with the tools for bursting out...by going within! Learn how to tap into the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge within by looking at your reflection in the "World of Mirrors." Open the door to your heart, and remove the negative feelings and thoughts that have created any false and limiting beliefs covering the truth of who you are (9032).

Regular Price: $17.95 ea.
Clearance Price: $8.95 ea.

FanFuser™ Diffuser
This diffuser is so easy to use! Simply put your favorite essential oil or blend on the replaceable pad, plug the FanFuser™ into any 110-volt wall outlet, and flip on the switch. Instantly, you will be surrounded with a gentle breeze that carries the fragrance throughout the room in seconds. This diffuser uses cold room-temperature air to gently carry the aroma of the oil throughout the room (9315).

Regular Pricing: 1–5: $34.95 ea., 6-19: $27.95 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $31.46 ea., 6-19: $25.16 ea.

New! Essential Bags™ Medium Carrying Case
This beautifully sewn padded cloth carrying case holds up to 8 vials (5, 10, or 15 ml sizes) and has a spot for one larger bottle (1 or 2 oz. size). Padded cloth dividers between the vials keep your oils from banging together. The case has a handle on the top to keep your oils upright when being transported. It is also perfect for holding our ˝ ounce plastic dropper bottles (9556).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $16.95 ea., 6-19: $15.00 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $15.26 ea., 6-19: $13.50 ea.

8 oz. Purple Plastic Bottle with Black Lotion Pump
This useful plastic pump bottle comes in a gorgeous shade of purple to protect your oil-based creations from damaging UV light. The black pump is great for dispensing lotions, liquid soaps, massage oils, and gels (9237FK).

Regular Pricing: 1-49: $0.96 ea., 50-99: $0.86 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-49: $0.86 ea., 50-99: $0.77 ea.

3 ml Deluxe Silver-Colored Perfume Misting Spray Bottle
This elegant silver-colored spray bottles is perfect for giving gifts of floral water, perfume, spritzes, or air sprays (9174).

Regular Pricing: 1-49: $1.35 ea., 50-99: $1.22 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-49: $1.22 ea., 50-99: $1.10 ea.

Oil Wear Personal Diffuser Pendant
This lovely pendant has a polished stone-look surface and hangs from a black cord. Each pendant is handmade and unique. The back of the pendant has a special absorbent surface meant to diffuse essential oils. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day long, wherever you go (8709).

Regular Price: $12.95 ea.
Special Price: $11.66 ea.

Auricular Internal Body Points Chart & Probe
Applying essential oils to the reflex points of the ear can be tricky because the points are small and closely spaced, but this chart and probe can help! The chart identifies the reflex point locations, and the handy glass probe with its rounded applicator tip helps you achieve pinpoint accuracy in your oil application. This is a great tool for both beginners and experienced aromatherapists (9813K).

Regular Price: $9.45 ea.
Special Price: $8.51 ea.

Spry® Brand Mints with Xylitol: Power Peppermint
Studies have repeatedly shown that the incorporation of xylitol-rich products in sufficient quantities into your daily routine has substantial oral health benefits. These powerful peppermint candies are sweetened with 100% all-natural xylitol and flavored with natural peppermint oil (0110P).

Regular Price: $9.95 ea.
Special Price: $8.96 ea.

Special prices expire 02/28/15 at midnight, Mountain Time. Special pricing available only while supplies last.