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Massage & Spa Ideas

Relaxing is an important part of living a healthy life.  Here are some ideas and recipes for relaxing with massage and spa therapy.  Many of these ideas make perfect gifts and provide you with a way to introduce others to essential oils.

Soaps Aromatherapy Soaps
These scented soaps are a lot of fun to make, and they can be molded into many different shapes and styles. Give them individually, or put several together in a basket or other fun container.
BathBovines Aromatic Bath Fizzers
Add some fizzing fun to your bath today! These Bath Fizzers are fairly simple to make, and a lot of fun to watch when you drop them into a warm bath!

Easy AromaCandle Creations
These creations are a fun way to share the aroma of natural essential oils with others! They also make a great romantic atmosphere at a dinner for two!
Scrub Exfoliating Foot Scrubs
Learn how to make your own version of this popular foot and body scrub for much less than the expensive boutiques charge.
Extremely Natural Massage Sticks
Simply slide the stick over the lucky recipient's skin, and the massage oils will melt right onto the skin, allowing for a smooth, luxurious massage.  To top it all off, these massage sticks are completely natural and incorporate the benefits of your desired essential oil or blend!

Harvest Moon-Milk Bath Fizzers
Simply drop one of these milk-bath fizzers into warm bathwater, and it will instantly begin fizzing, creating a milky foam scented by the aroma of your favorite natural essential oil or blend.

Herbal Hot/Cold Pack
Treat yourself to a relaxing hot/cold pack that can be heated to help soothe sore and achy muscles, or it can be used to cool to help relax tired eyes and ease headache tension.
Tub Toads Luxurious Bath Melts
Also called "bath candy" or "tub truffles", these luxurious bath melts truly are a treat for any bath! Making some of these bath melts for your friends can be a lot of fun—but be sure to save a few of these delightsome treats for yourself as well!

Massage Oil Gift Certificates
These unique gift certificates are a fun way to surprise someone you love with a massage on Valentine's Day, their birthday, or any day of the year!
MessageBottle Message In A Bottle Bath Salts
Pamper someone with this unique gift! The glass bottle holds your special message for the recipient, and is then later used to combine the bath salts with the essential oil of your choice to create a luxurious bath soak.
ReedDiffuser Reed Diffusers
These natural reed diffusers are a stylish way to scent your home or office, and provide a much safer alternative to candles! Each diffuser will provide the subtle aroma of the scent of your choice for several months.

Relaxing Foot-Bath Gift Basket
Give the gift of relaxation with this fun gift basket! This gift basket contains everything needed for a truly relaxing foot-bath.
Massage Oil Relaxing Massage Oils
Massage oils make fantastic personalized gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion. Give a single bottle, or create a massage gift-pack with several varieties of oils.
Bath Salts Sea Scents Bath Salts
For thousands of years, people have traveled long distances to bathe in natural mineral pools because of their reputed healing properties. Bath salts are a fun and simple way to experience some of the same benefits in the comfort of your own bath—and when combined with the aroma of natural essential oils, the experience can be truly amazing!

Simply Natural Lip Balm
With only four all-natural ingredients, this delightful lip balm is super easy to make and a lot of fun to share with others!
Solid Perfume Simply Natural Solid Perfume
This natural solid perfume is easy to make, contains no alcohol, and uses all natural essential oils!
Sparkling Bath Salts Sparkling Bath Salts
Soak yourself in absolute luxury with these opulent fizzing bath salts! Simple and inexpensive to make, these bath salts make a great gift.

Soothing Mineral Bath Kits
Containing naturally soothing Epsom salts, and enhanced with natural essential oils or blends, these kits make the perfect way for individuals to relax in a warm bath, or to create a soothing foot soak, and let muscle aches and pains just soak away.

Spa Treasures Bunny
Share a little springtime with this fun bunny!  This easy-to-make bunny is really cute, and is a fun way to share bath salts, bath melts, essential oils, room sprays, or any other aromatic treat you'd like to hid inside it!
Solid Perfume Stress Relieving Mini Sand Gardens
Playing in the sand is a great way to relax and unwind when you have been feeling stressed—especially when you add a relaxing aroma or two!

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