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Taking Aromatherapy With You Abroad

While most countries will allow you to bring essential oils with you into the country, there may be some countries that restrict or impose duties on items you bring into the country with you (especially if you plan on selling them). For tips and information for those in the U.S. on traveling to specific countries, visit Many other countries also have international travel information specific for their country posted on the internet.


As anyone who has ever caught a nasty intestinal bug during a trip abroad can tell you, you should always be aware that a sanitary water supply may not be readily available in many countries you may visit. Most experienced international travelers make it a habit to only drink bottled water and beverages any time they are visiting a country with a water supply that hasn't been purified (and many make it a habit even in countries where it has been purified). Less obvious sources of contaminated water can be ice or foods that have been washed or prepared using regular water (including fresh fruits or vegetables).

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Any time you suddenly switch your diet, such as when you travel to a different country, it can take the body a while to adjust to the new foods. It is common to feel feelings of indigestion during this time of adjustment. Some essential oils that can help with minor indigestion include peppermint, ginger, cumin, angelica, lavender, nutmeg, and valerian.

It is also usually wise to avoid eating foods from street vendors or restaurants where the foods may not have been kept or prepared in sanitary conditions.

Traveling by Air

When traveling internationally by air, often the flights are long and require sitting with little room to move for many hours. Because of long periods of sitting, it is possible to get blood clots, since the body may not be able to circulate blood properly. Thus it is important to drink lots of water and move around the cabin as often as allowed. Frequent bathroom breaks can help keep the blood circulating properly. Cypress and eucalyptus essential oil can also help with circulation.

Also, for long flights, just removing your shoes from your feet and only wearing socks can be very beneficial in getting comfortable and relaxed. You may also want to take calming oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, rose, orange, or cedarwood to help you relax and possibly sleep.

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Traveling by Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are a popular way to relax, travel, and visit many different places in a short period of time. Some people, however, get motion sickness caused by the waves of the sea. To combat motion sickness, peppermint, ginger, nutmeg, and spearmint essential oil can help. You can place a couple drops in a capsule, diffuse or apply oil to hands, tissue, or cotton wick and inhale, or massage on stomach.

Often cruise ships go to warm destinations such as beaches, and the possibility of a sunburn in high. You may want to make your own natural sunscreen or take a cooling spray made up of peppermint essential oil diluted in water and mixed in a 4 oz spray bottle. If you do get sunburned, try applying lavender to help relieve the pain from minor burns. A mix of lavender and peppermint (10 drops each) and 4 oz of water in a spray bottle helps cool the sunburned skin.

Some places also have annoying insects or bugs, so you may want to take bug repellent oils such as citronella, clove, patchouli, lavender, basil, or cedarwood.. You can just mix a few drops of some of the oils with fractionated coconut oil and rub on skin. Create a repellent spray by placing 5 drops lavender, 5 drops lemongrass, 3 drops peppermint, and 1 drop thyme mixed with water in a spray bottle and mist onto the skin. If you do get bitten, lavender usually helps soothe the bitten area and reduce itching. (Reference Guide for Essential Oils)

Additional Tips:

  • I use the Thieves on all of my travels - spray airplane seat, spray in mouth, put on feet, restaurants, bathrooms, put in hotel rooms, doorknobs - this is the best product out there to feel safe where germs will stay at bay - won't leave home without this one. - Connie Graden, Nebagamon, Wisconsin

  • For international travel, we take thieves and use it daily on our feet. - Lisa Schneider

  • I take my Thieves spray with me everywhere to sanitize everything and even use it as hand sanitizer! I also use the following Young Living Essential Oils in my travel diffuser while staying in hotels: Thieves, Purification and Lavender. - Patricia Thompson, Estevan, Saskatchewan

  • My family and I have been traveling in South America for the last seven months. There are six oils that are our must-haves. They are DiGize, Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, Sacred Frankincense and Lemon. We ingest 3-5 drops of DiGize for stomach discomfort and rub it on our stomach. Two drops of Thieves with a teaspoon of honey when we are venturing out to travel for long distances in a bus or flight. Peppermint for all the aches and pains including stomachaches and headaches. Lavender for better sleep, stop bleeding and itch (including private areas). Sacred Frankincense to help us find comfort in an unknown destination. Lemon to freshen up a room and in water. I brought my diffuser but unfortunately it broke in the first month of our travels. The diffuser is definitely a must have. - Claudia Looi, Tampa, Florida

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