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Holiday Spirit Air Freshener Lavender Scented Good Night Moon
Luxurious Bath Melts Message-In-A-Bottle Bath-Salts Gift Box
Natural Essential Oil Wipes Extremely Natural Massage Sticks
Gift Surprise Snowman Kiss Me, I'm Irish Lip Balm
Natural Insect-Repelling String Ties Natural Lip Balm
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Spa Treasures Bunny Spring Linen Sprays
Springtime Scented Bubbles Stress Relieving Mini Sand Gardens
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Herbal Warming Pack Scented Notes and Letters
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Beeswax Eggshell Candles
Easter Egg Beeswax Candles

A fun family project for a beautiful Easter decoration!
Homemade Liquid Hand Soap with Essential Oils
Homemade Liquid Hand Soap with Essential Oil

Make your own liquid hand soap, fortified with the power of essential oils!
Cherry Lemonade with Lemon Essential Oil
Cherry Lemonade

Add essential oils to this tangy beverage at your next barbeque!
Strawberry Orange Sorbet
Strawberry Orange Sorbet

Enjoy a cool and delicious treat!
Whipped Frosting with Essential Oils
Whipped Frosting with Essential Oils

Enjoy this delicious frosting on a cake or cupcake.
Pico de Gallo with Essential Oil
Pico de Gallo with Lime Essential Oil

Try this delicious and refreshing recipe for homemade pico de gallo using lime essential oil.
Homemade Vanilla
Homemade Vanilla

Try this great recipe for homemade vanilla!
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie
Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Try this delicious and healthy smoothie with essential oils!
Aroma-Coasters Scented Mug Coasters
Aroma-Coasters Scented Mug Coasters

These scented coasters are simple to make, and add a fun touch to any party or gathering where you are serving hot drinks! Each time a warm mug is placed on a coaster, your guests will soon enjoy the aroma of your chosen essential oil or blend hidden inside! These coasters also make a fun way to share your favorite holiday oil or blend in an inexpensive gift.
Aromatherapy Air Freshener Gift Basket
Aromatherapy Air Freshener Gift Basket

These easy-to-make air fresheners work great as a part of a gift basket, or they can be used as samples, party favors or door prizes.
Sweet Dreams Spray
Sweet Dreams Spray

Using calming essential oils to help children spray away bad dreams and nighttime fears!
Aromatic Bath Fizzers
Aromatic Bath Fizzers

Make your next fun and aromatic with these fizzers!
Blizzard Search and Find Game
Blizzard Search and Find Game

This game is a lot of fun for families, parties--or even for playing by yourself!
Easy Essential Oil Transfers
Easy Essential Oil Transfers

Did you know you can use essential oils to transfer prints from a laser printer or copier onto fabric, wood, or other materials? This easy method is a lot of fun and opens up many possibilities for personalized gifts with a really neat effect!
Evergreen Aromatherapy Ornaments
Evergreen Aromatherapy Ornaments

These fun ornaments are a festive way to disperse the aroma of your favorite holiday oils into the air! These also make great gifts, and can be a fun way to introduce others to essential oils and aromatherapy.
Essential Oil Sampler
Essential Oil Sampler

Tips for giving out individual sample or creating a gift sampler!
All-Natural Moisturizing Lotion
All-Natural Moisturizing Lotion with Essential Oils

This lotion is a thin lotion--perfect for lotion pump containers!  It is very moisturizing and made with all-natural ingredients!
Exfoliating Foot or Body Scrub
Exfoliating Foot or Body Scrub

Explore options for coarseness, color, and essential oil blends to create your custom scrubs!
Luxurious Aromatic Bath Bombs
Luxurious Aromatic Bath Bombs

These bath bombs really add to the bathing experience!  Watch them fizz, enjoy the skin healing benefits, and allow the essential oils to relax or energize you as you soak!
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving in our home without the pumpkin pie. -- Micki Sannar