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DVD: Essential Tips for Happy Healthy Pets
8606DVD—DVD: Essential Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets, by Destyne Erickson
Our Price: $14.95


This delightful DVD is packed with testimonials and demonstrations about using essential oils on horses, dogs, and cats. Covers common problems from ticks to tummy aches to strokes.

DVD: Healing Oils of the Bible
8609DVD—DVD: Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart, PhD, DNM, IASP
Our Price: $29.95


David Stewart, PhD, discusses some of the references to the 33 species of essential oils in the Bible. He describes how to set up a community oils program for traditional, biblical healing.

DVD: Emotional Release with Essential Oils
8608DVD—DVD: Emotional Release, by David Stewart, PhD
Our Price: $29.95

Updated! An excellent introduction to the science, theory, and art of emotional release.
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DVD: Toxic Mold
8611DVD—DVD: Toxic Mold—A Breakthrough Discovery, by Edward R. Close, PhD, PE
Our Price: $24.95

Learn how one expert in the environmental industry discovered how a unique blend of non-toxic essential oils could effectively kill toxic mold and stop it from coming back.
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Wellness DVD 14: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance
8014DVD—Wellness Essential DVD 14: Wellness, Purpose, Abundance, 2009
Our Price: $2.00

This informative DVD discusses the power of personal wellness.

DVD: Essential Yoga
8619DVD—DVD: High on Yoga, by Laura Holbrook
Our Price: $12.95

Great for any yoga level. Laura Holbrook takes you through your choice of a 30- or 60-minute yoga workout. She carefully demonstrates the postures and shows how theycan be adapted to your skill and comfort level.
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CD ROM: The Miracle of Young Living
8231CD—CD: The Miracle of Young Living™
Our Price: $2.00


This CD-ROM presents Young Living™ essential oils in an engaging and interesting way. Simply place this disc in your computer, and you have an instant multimedia presentation with lots of professional graphics and enlightening sound clips.

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift (2 DVD set)
8622DVD—DVDs: Healing—God's Forgotten Gift, by David Stewart, PhD, Don Clair, and Sandy Sutter
Our Price: $19.95

Healing: God's Forgotten Gift is an in-depth study of the scriptures designed to help everyone live an abundant life in every way—physically, emotionally and spiritually.
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"Frankincense: Separating Fact from Fallacy" DVD b
8623DVD—DVD: Frankincense—Separating Fact from Fallacy, by Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren
Our Price: $2.50


Join Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren in this presentation as they discuss the purity, potency, and efficacy of Young Living™ frankincense essential oil.

"Aroma Yoga" DVD with Tracy Griffiths
8986DVD—DVD: Aroma Yoga® with Tracy Griffiths
Our Price: $39.95

Enjoy a blend of conscious movement, breathing exercises, and chakra meditations combined with therapeutic-grade essential oils. The process will release stress, reduce tension and pain, and support self awareness.

"Aroma Yoga" Book and DVD with Tracy Griffiths and Ashley Turner
8986SETK—Aroma Yoga® Book and DVD Set with Tracy Griffiths and Ashley Turner
Retail Price $69.90
Our Price: $59.95
You save $9.95!

Temporarily Unavailable

Together, this AromaYoga® book and DVD enhance wellness practices by blending conscious movement, breathing exercises, and chakra meditations with therapeutic-grade essential oils.
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Vita Flex DVD
YL8600DVD—"Vita Flex Instruction" DVD by Tom Woloshyn
Our Price: $29.95

This DVD video teaches the proper Vita Flex technique, as developed by Stanley Burroughs, with in-depth instruction for working the Vita Flex points over the entire body, including the Atlas Adjustment.

“Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils” DVD
8843—DVD: Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils
Our Price: $25.00

Explore the history, science, and future possibilities of essential oils in this documentary. You will marvel at how ancient cultures understood the value of essential oils and be fascinated with their “intelligent design.”

"#OverFlow: A Young Living Business Builders' Workshop" Training DVD by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins
8949DVD.v2—DVD: #OverFlow Training DVD, by Andrew and Cristy Jenkins, 2nd Edition
Our Price: $27.00

Updated! Two Young Living™ Platinum Distributors focus on the concept of random effort versus concentrated effort. They explain that more effort is not necessarily better; rather, more effort one direction is more effective.