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9004—Healing Oils, Healing Hands, by Linda L. Smith, 2nd Edition
Book: Healing Oils Healing Hands

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This book brings a complete look at healing in the early Christian church, a ministry that included prayer, anointing, and touch as a foundation for the ages. Anointing used healing aromatic oils. Nurses, ministers, and lay healers alike will benefit from this retrospective and contemporary look at Christian healing.

"Through her book and her ministry, I believe Linda Smith to be an agent of God anointed to bring to the 21st century the healing techniques as taught by Jesus and practiced by his disciples and the early church. This is the missing link in today's Christian ministry—a healing art that has been lost for more than a thousand years. This book, both ancient and advanced, both scriptural and scientific, can empower you to experience levels of health and wellness that exceed even the best that modern medicine can offer. Thank you Linda for the love, hope, and compassion you and your book offer to a suffering world."—David Stewart, PhD, author of Healing Oils of the Bible

"This extraordinary book is a very comprehensive manual for using essential oils in spiritual healing, growth, and awareness, and is sure to be a favorite of those seeking spiritual truth."—Vicki Opfer, teacher of natural healing

"Finally! The coming together of the greatest healing gifts—touch, prayer, and nature's wisdom found in essential oils. Linda Smith's thorough approach covers the basics about healing oils from history to modern-day hands-on healing techniques. Her delivery is an enjoyable read. Her message is Divine."—Marilee Tolen, RN, HNC, CHTP, CHTI, healing touch practitioner and instructor.

Publication: 2008.

Pages: 320.

Size: 6" x 9".


Linda L. Smith, founder and director of the Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Program, has taught over 300 workshops nationally and internationally on healing. As a nurse-healer, teacher, mentor, and spiritual advisor, she has inspired many with her passion to restore healing and anointing to our Christian churches and ministries.


Introduction: Being a Blessing for Others
Chapter 1: Anointing—Making Sacred Our Connection to God
Our Judeo-Christian Story
The Holy Anointing Oils of the Old Testament
The Calling of Kings, Prophets and Priests
Healing in the Promised Land
Christ—The Anointed One Established a Healing Practice
Anointing for Healing
Is Anointing for Physical or Spiritual Healing?
Anointing for the Forgiveness of Sins
From Anointing for Healing to Anointing the Dying
Using Anointing in Other Christian Rituals
Final Thoughts
Chapter 2: The Use of Healing Oils—Through the Ages
The Ancient World of Egypt, India, China
The World of the Greeks and Romans
Aromatic Oils Spread Across Europe in the Middle Ages
Healing in the Abbeys and Monasteries of Europe
Plagues and Thieves Teach Valuable Lessons in Healing
Alchemy Gives Way to Chemistry and a New Industry is Born
Medical Aromatherapy Becomes a New Specialty
Beauty and Medicine Form a New Model of Aromatherapy
Regulatory Agencies Try to Set the Standards
Chapter 3: The Earth's Medicines
What are Essential Oils?
Ways to Obtain the "Life Blood" of Plants
How Essential Oils Work
What Else Can Essential Oils Do for Us?
Essential Oils Can Affect Our Minds
Essential Oils Can Affect the Body Through the Skin
Essential Oils Also Have the Ability to Act as Antioxidants
The Quality of Essential Oils
What Are Some Uses of Essential Oils for Today?
How Do You Use Essential Oils?
How and Where to Purchase Essential Oils
Some Common Sense Precautions
Chapter 4: Vibrational Remedies
A New Field of Vibrational Medicine
The Healing Process
The Subtle Energy of Essential Oils
Essential Oils and Prayer
Our Energetic (Vibrational) Self
Learning to Assess the Energy Field
Using Essential Oils to Clear the Energy Field
Healing Fragrances
Final Thoughts
Chapter 5: Using Our Hands to Heal
Healing of the Heart
Heart Balancing
Sacred Heart Blessing
Sign of the Cross Blessing
The Light of Christ Blessing
Structural Balancing
Blessing of the Senses
Final Thoughts
Chapter 6: Creating Rituals of Healing and Anointing
Learning from the Christian Church's Experience with Ritual Making
"Doors to the Sacred"
Creating Sacred Space
Creating Sacred Time
Creating Sacred Meaning
Entering the Healing Mystery in our Rituals
Modern Day Spiritual Anointing Rituals
Chapter 7: The Oils of Ancient Scriptures
Rose of Sharon/Cistus
Chapter 8: Oils Used by Christian Medieval Healers
Clary Sage
Orange Blossom (Neroli)
Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Essential Oil Blends—The Art and Science
Identifying Your Purpose
Creating Synergies
Spiritual Blending
Creating Fragrance Harmonies
Some Guides for Blending
Mixing the Blend
Some Prepared Blends
Chapter 10: Anoint Us with the Oil of Gladness
Be a Source of Blessing for Others
Appendix A: Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Program
Appendix B: Resources
Appendix C: A Healing and Anointing Service

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